Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practitioner - Dr Hong

One of the most important factors in the success of your treatment is the knowledge and experience of the practitioner. We have highlighted Dr Hong's background below.

The Clinic

Our clinic is based in Horsham, West Sussex, and is easily accessible by car.

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Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Training and Experience

Dr Hong

Dr Hong's Background

In 1983, Dr. Hong graduated with a Medical Bachelor's degree in TCM from the well respected Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a TCM doctor, recognized by the World Health Organization. The five year degree course of in depth Traditional Chinese Medicine training also included Western medicine in its comprehensive curriculum. In the following years, Dr. Hong practiced both Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in several hospitals in China. In 2001, Dr. Hong was offered a position in the UK.

At the time she left China Dr. Hong was a senior physician at the First Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of TCM. She directed a research project associated with her speciality of Oncology, using traditional Chinese herbal medicine. In addition to direct medical duties and research, Dr. Hong also trained medical students in both Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for general clinical practice, as well as lecturing on the specialized subject of oncology.

In the UK, after four years of working for a national chain of TCM clinics, Dr. Hong set-up her own clinic with the following objectives:

• To bring the many benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the UK.
• To maintain a highly professional practice with a strict patient focus.

Dr Hong is a professional member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, with full professional indemnity insurance cover.

During her time in the UK, Dr Hong has treated over 1000 patients. The large majority of our patients are from recommendation.

Dr. Hong is not registered to practice Western medicine in the UK.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine can beneficially influence many forms of illness.

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