Many conditions and illnesses can be beneficially influenced through the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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The success of your treatment depends on the knowledge and experience of the practitioner....

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Conditions and Illnesses

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can beneficially influence many forms of illness.

Our clinic specializes in providing Traditional Chinese Medicine. This holistic approach benefits a wide range of conditions, most notably:

The NHS offers some basic information on the common uses of acupuncture through their website click here.

Some interesting articles on Acupuncture published by the BBC:
"Acupuncture fights morning sickness"
"Acupuncture: More than a placebo"
"Acupuncture: works for headaches"

The World Health Organization conducted "Acupuncture: a review and analysis of controlled clinical trials". This document evaluates Acupuncture in treating a wide range of conditions and illnesses.

The University of Vermont in the United States published an article "Study confirms Acupuncture's effect"

For more information visit the
World Health Organization.

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About The Clinic

Situated in Horsham, the clinic is easily accessible by car

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Artemisia is a plant that has medicinal properties.