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When seeking to understand Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is important to remember the theory has been developed over 4000 years......

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The Background

When seeking to understand the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine it is important to remember that the theory has been developed over 4000 years and uses practices that restore balance and harmony allowing the body to heal naturally. To seek balance two main techniques are used:


The insertion of fine Acupuncture needles to help improve the Qi (energy) and blood flow. Other related techniques Tui Na (a traditional Chinese manipulation therapy, also called acupressure), Moxibustion (heated acupoints), Cupping, Heat therapy and Electroacupuncture may also be used.

Herbal Prescription

Dried natural herbs formulated to the patient’s individual condition.

Looking at the patient holistically is central to Traditional Chinese Medicine, as is Yin and Yang, a concept of interconnected and interdependent dualities used to help find balance. Disease and discomfort is diagnosed as the body being out of balance, with some of the reasons for this imbalance described as there being excessive cold (Yin) or heat (Yang), dryness (Yin) or dampness (Yang) and so on, as well as possible stagnation of the Qi or blood. Balancing these qualities as well as improving the flow of Qi and blood can help heal and restore the body as a whole.

Western medicine is now accepting the benefit of Acupuncture much more than ever before. As seen by its widespread use and significant increase in the amount of clinical and laboratory research into how Acupuncture works physiologically.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Center has a comprehensive website with information on TCM.

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Dr. Hong is a professional member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, which is one of the main regulatory bodies.

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